Youth Rodeo Association

Oklahoma Youth Rodeo Association

*Change in Order of Events*
Ranch Bronc Riding
9 & Under Steer Riding
JR Steer Riding
SR Bull Riding
SR Breakaway
JR Breakaway
9 & Under Breakaway
SR Tie Down
JR Tie Down
SR Ribbons
JR Ribbons
Team Roping
Chute Dogging
SR Goat Tying
JR Goat Tying
9 & Under Goat Tying
SR Barrel Racing
JR Barrel Racing
9 & Under Barrel Racing
SR Pole Bending
JR Pole Bending
9 & Under Pole Bending

Dalania Snow *580-286-1635* 
Call-In is the Monday before the rodeo from 6-9 p.m.

The 1st installment of your finals fees will be due at the Lightning C rodeo on January 18, 2014.  The 2nd installment will be due April 12, 2014.  Remember if these fees are not paid on the due dates any points you have accumulated will be dropped.


Please see the event director if you have a question, problem, dispute, etc.


We would like to ask everyone that attends to please pick up any trash around your area as you leave. This will help out the grounds keepers as well as the association. 

Helpful Information for new members:

Membership is $100.00 (due in one payment)

Age Groups are: 9 and Under
Juniors: 10-13 years old
Seniors: 14-19 years old
Age group is determined by their age on August 1, 2013.

Start times vary so carefully examine the schedule.

You may enter as a non-member but will have to pay
a $10.00 non-member fee. This is not per event fee,
but per rodeo.

To make the Finals you must attend 10 of the 18 rodeos.
The 10 rodeos have to be as a member. And be in
the top 15 of that event.

Order of Events:
Seniors go first, then Juniors, then 9 and Under
except in the Bull Riding.

9 and Under Steer Riding
Jr. Bull Riding
Sr. Bull Riding
Saddlebronc Riding
Sr. Girls Breakaway
Jr. Breakaway
9 and Under Breakaway
Sr. Tie Down Calf Roping
Jr. Tie Down Calf Roping
Sr. Ribbon Roping
Jr. Ribbon Roping
Chute Dogging
Sr. Goat Tying
Jr. Goat Tying
9 and Under Goat Tying
Sr. Girls Barrel Racing
Jr. Barrel Racing
9 and Under Barrel Racing
Sr. Girls Pole Bending
Jr. Pole Bending
9 and Under Pole Bending
Team Roping

If you would like to be added or removed from the OYRA email 
newsletter list please contact Virginia Hollingback
You will be notified each time oyra.info is update
with announcements, schedule changes, results, standings, etc.
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